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I was going through intense physical therapy to recover after surgery, and every day I went to bed with sore, achy muscles. Finally, my physical therapist suggest I give massage therapy a try. Massage therapy really helped me relax and unwind after a hard day at physical therapy, but I think it also helped speed my recovery. It helped with blood flow and circulation, and I really felt much better after every session. I liked it so much that I kept going even after I was fully recovered. I started this blog to talk about the magic of massage therapy. It really helped me, and I believe that it can really help others as well. If you’ve been wanting to learn what massage therapy is like and how it helps, you’ll find the answers here on my blog.


How Serious Is A Whiplash Injury And Does It Require Treatment?

Because whiplash is one of the most common injuries that results from a car accident, some people do not understand how serious it can be and why it is important to seek treatment for it immediately. If you were recently involved in an accident and believe that you are suffering from whiplash, here is what you need to know. 

What Is Whiplash?

A whiplash injury is a condition that results from a large amount of force being transmitted from behind a person. When the accident occurs, the cervical spine is abnormally curved by the force. The upper part of the spine tends to bend forward, while the lower part bends backward. 

Whiplash can cause a range of symptoms, including chronic pain and joint dysfunction. Some people even suffer problems with their cognitive functioning. For instance, you might notice difficulty concentrating in the days following your car accident. 

Treatment for the condition can help to lower the risk of experiencing a severe complication. If left untreated, you could suffer intense pain, muscle weakness, and restricted movement abilities. 

Can It Be Treated at Home?

Whether or not you need medical treatment depends largely on the extent of your injuries. If you have a mild case of whiplash, the use of over-the-counter medications and hot and cold compresses can help to ease the pain. 

If you use the compresses, rely on the cold compresses in the first few days of the accident to prevent swelling. After that time period has passed, switching to a hot compress can help to alleviate any pain that you are experiencing. 

When Should You See a Doctor?

Ideally, you should be thoroughly examined by a doctor before attempting to treat your condition at home. A doctor can evaluate the severity of your condition and determine if a referral to a chiropractor is warranted. 

If the symptoms of your condition persist, schedule an appointment with a chiropractor anyway. The chiropractor can assess your condition and create a treatment plan that addresses your specific needs. There are a range of chiropractic treatments that are used to treat whiplash, including manipulation and muscle stimulation. Your chiropractor could use a combination of treatments to alleviate your symptoms. 

The symptoms of whiplash can be alleviated with the right treatment. Work with a chiropractor that is experienced in handling injuries caused by auto accidents to get the most benefit from your treatments. Contact a company like Citrus Chiropractic Group for more info.