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Three Aging Signs That A Neck Lift Procedure Can Fix For You

As a person ages, signs of aging tend to show up all over the body, especially in the neck area. Unfortunately, signs of aging around the neck are not easy to conceal, even when you apply makeup and skin-firming creams. As a result, if you are looking to alleviate the signs of aging around your neck, one of the most effective procedures you should consider is a neck lift. 

A neck lift is a form of cosmetic surgery that removes excess skin around your neck and jawline. It tightens the muscles to alleviate the signs of aging around your neck. By removing excess skin and tightening the muscles, a neck lift procedure reinstates the smooth and well-rounded appearance of your neck and jawline that you had in your youth. Nonetheless, neck lift surgery can also fix several other aging signs that most people wish to alleviate.

With that said, here are three aging signs that a neck lift can remove and help to reinstate your youthful appearance.

Double Chin 

In most cases, the dreaded double chin forms due to a fat layer settling below your chin.  This is usually due to weight gain. However, as a person ages, the muscles in their chin start to deteriorate, resulting in the skin around the chin becoming loose. Unfortunately, the loose skin is not ideal for securely holding back the fat that accumulates under the chin. As a result, the fat pushes against the loose skin.  This causes a double chin. 

Irrespective of the cause of your double chin, a neck lift procedure can help alleviate the double chin and reinstate a smooth and well-rounded chin. There are two types of neck lift procedures used to alleviate a double chin, Cervicoplasty, and Platysmaplasty.

Cervicoplasty is the removal of excessive skin from the chin and neck area to ensure that you don't get a sagging (turkey) neck after the fat forming the double chin gets removed. Platysmaplasty involves uplifting or tightening your neck muscles to maintain a smooth and well-rounded neck and chin.

However, it is essential to note that, initially, you will require a liposuction procedure to remove the fat layer forming the double chin. Then afterward, the neck lift procedure can commence.  

Turkey Neck

In your youth, a protein known as collagen maintains the firmness of your skin and prevents it from sagging. However, as you get older, the collagen in your system starts to break down, and as a result, your skin loses its firmness then starts to sag.

Thus, the breaking down of collagen in old age results in the skin in your neck sagging. Additionally, your neck muscles also deteriorate due to aging.  This further facilitaties the sagging of the skin on your neck. As time passes, it is common for you to develop a turkey neck when your neck skin sags/slouches below your chin.

However, if you have saggy neck skin, a neck lift is your best bet for alleviating a turkey neck. A Cervicoplasty neck lift and Platysmaplasty neck lift will trim down the excess skin sagging on your neck.  This  tightens and realign the loose neck muscles and alleviates the turkey neck to restore a smooth, youthful appearance around your neck and chin.

Vertical Neck (Platsyma) Bands 

The muscles in your neck are hidden behind a relatively thin layer of fat when you are young. However, as you get older, the fat padding that hides the neck muscles starts to shrink, thus reducing the barrier between your neck muscles and skin. As a result, you develop Platsyma bands/vertical neck bands.  These are usually the first signs of aging to present themselves.

You could use Botox injections to relax the muscles forming the vertical neck bands; however, Botox injections are a temporary solution. Thus, if you are looking for a more durable solution for Platsyma bands, your best bet is a neck lift procedure.

A neck lift procedure will elevate your loose neck skin by tightening the underlying neck muscles to conceal the vertical neckbands and restore a youthful appearance.  

Any neck lift treatment by a professional like Dr. Cap Lesesne International Cosmetic Surgery can work wonders.