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Non-Surgical Orthopedic Care: Nerve Blocks And Lubricating Joint Injections

Non-surgical orthopedic care offers a low-risk treatment option for many conditions affecting the nerves, ligaments and joints, such as overuse injuries (neck strains, tendonitis and plantar fasciitis), headaches, unstable or dislocated joints and many others.

If you have suffered from chronic pain caused by such conditions, orthopedic care could be a good alternative to pain medication, which often has negative side effects. This article focuses on 2 effective and non-intrusive orthopedic treatments for treating and managing chronic pain in your musculoskeletal system.

Nerve blocks

Chronic pain - be it back pain, headaches or neck pain - which was previously thought to be originating in deeper sources such as the spine, has been found to sometimes originate from more superficial sources such as the nerves. Orthopedic doctors can use nerve block injections targeted at the damaged nerve to stop irrigation and pain.

Nerve blocks are typically anesthetic or anti-inflammatory drug injections that are targeted at a specific nerve/group of nerves with the aim to stop the pain signal they emit. This stops the source of the pain, giving the injured area time to heal.  

By using imaging guidance using ultrasound technology, doctors can specifically target injured nerves and deliver precise injections that bring maximum pain relief. This treatment is often more effective than surgical intervention or general chronic pain medication. Areas that are usually treated with nerve blocks include the neck, legs, arms and buttocks.

Lubricating joint injections

Osteoarthritis is a joint disease that causes chronic pain in your knee, hip or elbow joints by damaging the ligaments and reducing joint lubrication. The body produces a natural lubricant fluid that reduces friction in your joints so that they can operate fluidly. Once this natural lubrication is reduced due to joint disease, your joints produce friction, causing excruciating pain and inflammation.

Orthopedic doctors usually treat reduced joint lubrication by injecting 'hyaluronan' into the ailing joints. This substance occurs naturally in joint fluid, and can be safely injected in your affected joints - especially in the knee- to normalize lubrication and reduce inflammation as well as reduce nerve impulses that cause pain.

Hyaluronan injections are often prescribed when osteoarthritis is in its early stages, and the smooth surfaces of the joint have been slightly roughened but damage isn't extensive. The injections are designed to prevent further damage and even reverse the joint disease.

These two orthopedic treatments can be a great alternative for patients suffering chronic pain in the joints, nerves and ligaments.

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