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The Magic of Massage Therapy

I was going through intense physical therapy to recover after surgery, and every day I went to bed with sore, achy muscles. Finally, my physical therapist suggest I give massage therapy a try. Massage therapy really helped me relax and unwind after a hard day at physical therapy, but I think it also helped speed my recovery. It helped with blood flow and circulation, and I really felt much better after every session. I liked it so much that I kept going even after I was fully recovered. I started this blog to talk about the magic of massage therapy. It really helped me, and I believe that it can really help others as well. If you’ve been wanting to learn what massage therapy is like and how it helps, you’ll find the answers here on my blog.


Leery Of Disrobing? ~ Opt For A Clothed Massage With A Massage Therapist

Have you ever considered getting a massage but feel uncomfortable with removing your clothing? If so, your feelings are normal. A number of people are self-conscious about being nude or partially nude in front of strangers. The feelings may be due to issues such as scarred skin or body image issues. Regardless of your reasoning, it is possible to receive a massage from a massage therapist that allows you to wear clothing even though it may not be the way that the service is sought by others. Make plans to discuss your preferences with the location you plan to visit in advance. The following are some things that you can benefit from knowing in advance about clothed massage services.

May Be Limited to Certain Massages

Some massage techniques target specific points and parts of the body. Since you intend to wear clothing, it may be difficult for the massage therapist to utilize certain techniques; however, do not let this sway you from seeking services because there are a number of massages that are ideal for clothed individuals. For example, the Thai and Shiatsu massage techniques both involve kneading, stretching and pressure, and both can be performed with clothing on.

Some sports massages can also be performed with clothing on, and you may have caught a glimpse of a therapist performing one on a professional athlete on television immediately following a minor injury. Perhaps you are interested in massage due to work strain. Reflexology is a type of massage that involves stimulating hands and feet in a manner that positively impacts the whole body.

Clothing Suggestions

You may have a very short list of massage options if you wear heavy, bulky clothing for your massage services. You could choose to wear your heavier clothing to the appointment and change into lightweight clothing in privacy when you arrive. Another option would be to wear the lighter clothing underneath the heavier clothing, and remove the heavier clothing before services. You can put them back on afterward.

Jeans, sweatshirts, and sweatpants are examples of heavy clothing. T-shirts, tank tops, satin garments, sports bras, spandex shorts or pants, and thin cloth shorts are examples of garments that are ideal for a professional to administer a clothed massage. 

Use of Oils and Lotions

You may not be able to take advantage of massage oil or lotions during your services because they might get on your clothing. These are things that are preferred by some people, but they are not required to achieve a good massage. Ask your massage therapist about the use of aromatherapy if oils and lotions will not be used. If your comfort level permits, you may be able to have oil or lotion applied to unclothed areas such as your arms and legs if you are wearing clothing during the massage that leaves these areas exposed. Click here to learn more about massage therapy.