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How IV Infusion Pumps Protect Your Coma Patients From Undernourishment

Caring for coma patients can be a real challenge due to their unique care demands. They cannot make decisions for themselves about their food and require you to take care of all their nourishment needs via intravenous injection.

Therefore, it is wise to seriously consider the benefits of a high-quality IV infusion pump for managing this problem and improving your care of coma patients. Failure to manage the nutrition of a coma patient properly could result in serious issues, including the death of a patient.

Poor Nutrition Can Cause Adverse Reactions

A coma patient in your care will need high-quality nutrition to recover from their disease. However, it can be very difficult for your patients to get this level of care. For example, you are probably juggling multiple residents in your coma treatment center at the same time. Keeping track of all of their nutritional needs must be done but mistakes are easy to make.

These mistakes are more likely to occur if you continue to administer their nutritional manually. Mixing up their daily nutrients with that of another patient could cause adverse reactions in both – including potential heart attacks and even strokes – which is why it is a good idea to consider investing in a series of IV infusion pumps for your facility.

Why An Infusion Pump Is A Good Investment For This Issue

An IV infusion pump is considered a "smart pump" by the medical community. This designation means that it can be programmed to delivery a safe level of nutrients to your patients in a controlled manner. For example, if your patient is low on protein when they enter your facility, you can give it to them in a way that meets their unique needs.

Just as importantly, these pumps will set off an alarm if your patient suffers from any types nutritional deficiencies. For example, if they are getting dangerously low on a vital vitamin, the pump will let you know. You can then program the pump to deliver this vitamin to your patient to keep them well nourished while they recover from their coma.

So if you have a great number of coma patients who you need to keep properly nourished at all times, it is important to consider the benefits of an IV infusion pump. These tools can provide your patients with the steady flow of nutrients they need to stay healthy during their coma treatment.