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The Magic of Massage Therapy

I was going through intense physical therapy to recover after surgery, and every day I went to bed with sore, achy muscles. Finally, my physical therapist suggest I give massage therapy a try. Massage therapy really helped me relax and unwind after a hard day at physical therapy, but I think it also helped speed my recovery. It helped with blood flow and circulation, and I really felt much better after every session. I liked it so much that I kept going even after I was fully recovered. I started this blog to talk about the magic of massage therapy. It really helped me, and I believe that it can really help others as well. If you’ve been wanting to learn what massage therapy is like and how it helps, you’ll find the answers here on my blog.


4 Ways To Get People To Use Hand Sanitizer When Entering Your Store

Getting people to use some hand sanitizer when entering your store is an important way to keep everyone safe and healthy, especially while experiencing a virus pandemic like COVID-19. Here are a few things you can do to get shoppers to use hand sanitizer when they visit your store:

Post an Eye-Appealing Notice

One important thing you can do to get shoppers to use hand sanitizer when they enter your store is to post an eye-appealing sign on your entrance door. The sign should simply remind everyone to use a little hand sanitizer before or as they enter to help keep everyone healthy and safe. Use bright, inviting colors like orange and purple to catch the eyes of shoppers as they head through the door. Make sure the print is large enough to read from several feet away so that the reminder is seen by people well before they even reach the door.

Include the Request in Your Advertisements

If you advertise your store in newspapers, on the radio, or on television, consider including a short request for shoppers to use some hand sanitizer when visiting your location. If they continually hear or read the request along with your advertisements, they will be less likely to forget that it is something they should be doing when they arrive at your front door.

Train Employees to Give Reminders

Your employees can help get customers to use hand sanitizer when they visit your store by giving them a friendly reminder to do so. Maybe employees can take turns manning the entrance to remind shoppers as they enter the store. Otherwise, they can simply keep an eye out for those not using hand sanitizer and then offer a friendly reminder accordingly. Your employees can apply hand sanitizer regularly as a reminder to customers, too. The idea is to create a culture of using hand sanitizer among everyone spending time in your store so that it becomes second nature.  

Make Hand Sanitizer Available

You cannot control whether shoppers bring their own hand sanitizer to use when visiting your store, so it's a good idea to keep a bottle of hand sanitizer near the entrance that can be used by everyone who is entering. Some people may walk right by it, but many people will appreciate being offered the use of free hand sanitizer. The hand sanitizer you leave out should be checked throughout the day and replaced, as necessary. Choose a sanitizer that comes in gel form to minimize dripping and messes as time goes on. For more information about hand sanitizers, such as 72 pack 8 oz hand sanitizer, contact a hand sanitizer distributor.